Graber All-Star 2-Bike Tray Rack

  • A modern two bike tray rack utilizing an easy to load platform with wide wheel trays and high quality ratchet straps to securely hold two bikes, up to 35 lbs each or 70 lbs total.
  • The adjustable arms embrace an extensive variety of bike sizes and styles (for your numerous cycling escapades) as well as for stability. The folding mast gives freedom to access the rear of the car (for when you forget to grab just one last thing).
  • Fits 1.25" and 2" hitch receivers, is fabulously simple to assemble, and allows you to focus on the fun of riding your bicycle.
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Model #178Z

Graber All-Star 2 - Primary


  • Handles two bikes, up to 50 lbs each, with either 1.25" or 2" hitch receiver
  • Wheel trays adjust to hold variety of bike sizes and frame types
  • Ratcheting wheel strap securely holds tires up to 3"
  • Adjustable arm and padded hooks secures bike frame
  • Center arm folds down for access to rear of vehicle

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